About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting our page!

We are a small town family of 5 located in Ontario, Canada...and you guessed it - we're along the Trent-Severn Waterway!  We started Trent Severn Supply Co in an effort to bring amazing brands to our small town and it has turned out to be so much more. 

It's a learning experience for my 5 year old, who is forever asking me, "mommy, what's in this box?".  Well G, let's open it, inventory it and pack it up for an outgoing order!  She's counting, reading, checking off lists, and learning about some of the amazing makers that we carry.  

It's teaching my 3 year old good work ethic.  After we play and learn all day, fill our bellies, read ALL of the books, and tuck the kids in, my son asks, "mama, what will you do when I fall asleep?".  Well H, I will update the website with the incoming orders and peruse prospective brands with a glass of wine.  He is learning that hard work pays off.

It's giving my 8 month old time with mama.  I had nannies from birth and almost birth with my other two children, but with Covid hitting so hard in Ontario, it was very difficult to secure proper childcare.  The thought of putting my career on hold was completely off the table, but Covid made that a reality.  Now, we sing and play and pack orders along the way...she even models for me once in a while ;)  Although I still work for the Corp from home as often as I can, F has gotten so many more snuggles and I have this little biz to thank for that. 

We are also very proud to say that a percentage of our sales gets donated back into the Trent Hills community!

So please, peruse our site and let us know what you think!  

We're so thankful you've stopped by :)